Know what you’re getting

Regarding recent cannabis studies and discussions, these make no differentiation between the sativa (mental high) and indica (body high) dichotomy. Some folks don’t think or know the difference, and this is a huge loss.

Legalization means it’s not mixed with other street drugs, greatly improving quality, and allows for explicit identification: Now you know what percentage sativa, indica, THC, CBD, etc., you’re getting. All of these elements are important in determining the success of the individual experience.

Different combinations work for different people, different combinations do not work for different people, discretion is advised. Most folks have better results with indica-dominant cannabis.

Within the cannabis community, sativa is known to cause mental issues; this is something everybody should be aware of now. Some advocate for abstinence, but not everyone is going to stop using any given substance, so let’s educate them about their intricacies whenever possible.